Tool 11: Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship has become an essential ingredient in the learning process of 21st century learners. Just like they are taught to "stop, drop, and roll" at the annual visit from the local fire department or learn the meaning behind the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, learners needing to know how to operate in the digital world is just as important...and a role in which the school must participate. The ages of the learners will determine the information needed and how to provide appropriate digital world experiences. Providing a rich (and safe) learning environment in the digital world is just as important as it is on the bricks and mortar side!

SBISD Educational Technology has information about digital citizenship for you to use. A list of resources can be found here in grade level categories. Information from BrainPop is included.

Atomic Learning has some tutorials that will help you formulate thoughts about what digital citizenship(75096) and technology literacy (75097) mean and encompass. They are found under 21st Century Skills where you may want to choose to look at some other short tutorials.

Some other resources that will give background and ideas on how to present the topic include:

1. One approach to digital citizenship resides at the Digiteen Digital Citizenship Wiki. Delve into the topics in the left margin. These topic titles come from the book 'Digital Citizenship in Schools' by Mike Ribble and Gerald Bailey.

2. Cool Cat Teacher summarizes much about digital citizenship.

3. Another teacher "reflects" on digital literacy.

4. Here is a Ning with resources for educators on digital citizenship.

5. The ISTE standards (NETS-S [for students]) talk about digital citizenship. And the NETS-T for teachers give a little more detail about digital citizenship.

6. I-Safe factsheet from TxSSC (Texas School Safety Center). Check out the TxSSC for many more resources including the link to TEA's Internet safety page.

For your Tool #11 assignment:

In YOUR blog post, discuss at least three things you would want to make sure your students understand about being good digital citizens. Explain briefly how you would "teach" the idea of digital citizenship to your students.

You have done it - your toolbox should be full!
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  1. I finished the "11 Tool" but I'm ating for directions to complete the assessment. I went to Atomic Learning but I undestood that the District does't have posted the link for the assessment. I you have the answer, please let me know.

  2. I love Tool important it is for us as teachers and parents to help our children live safely in a WONDERFUL world of technology.

  3. I love this tool because it spells out exactly the what is expected from digital citizens of the digital nation.

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