Tool 10: Exploring Mobile Technology And Apps

The iTouch, the iPhone, and the newest member of the Apple family, the iPad represent the mobile devices part of the digital world. They allow for on-the-go learning. You add apps (or applications) to the device in order to use it. Apps are software created for the specific device.

This will be a slightly different Tool in that it involves using some hardware to which you may not have easy access. If you do not have an iTouch, an iPhone, or an iPad, try to borrow one or maybe go to the nearest Apple Store and actually play with the samples on display for awhile. If you can't visit the store or borrow one, that's ok! You can just read about the devices and the many apps available.

If you have an iTouch, an iPhone or iPad then you will probably have already done these things and will be able to teach us in your post.

Click the following links to learn more about these devices and the many, many apps that you can add to them.

Why an iTouch in Education

Learning in Hand - iTouch

Top 50 FREE Educational Apps

Great ITouch Apps for Primary Students - these are not free apps

Apple has a very extensive list of apps, not all free, for you to browse and get ideas!
Here is a list of free apps collected in SBISD that are appropriate on school iTouchs.

These four 1-1.5 minute YouTube videos will let you see some kids reviewing apps. iTouchs in school 1, 2, 3, 4

For your tool #10 assignment on YOUR blog:
1. Discuss some of the free educational apps you revewed.

2. OPTIONAL: If you had an opportunity to play with one of the devices, briefly describe your experience. Was there a WOW moment?

3.. Discuss ways your students could use the iTouch or iPad and appropriate apps in your class.

Ok, go give those thumbs a good workout!

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  1. This "11 Tool" has been the most excited one with I have been working.

  2. Students will be able to interact by using the IPod Touch and IPhone.

    Some of the educational apps that I revewed are:
    ABC Phonics Animals Free Lite - This type of softwares will allow students to learn in a fun way. T00 spend time using different options while having a huge letter name and sound impact.

    The ABA Flash Cards will also allow the students to have a visual of the object, animal or fruit, while being able to see how it is written. They will be able to interact with the topics that they like and gain vocabulary and spelling.

  3. I own an Ipad and actually have some of my textbooks stored on it. Unfortunately it is in PDF so there's not much interactivity with it.

    I have e-books from Ibooks, Barnes and Noble and Amazon on it too.

    But you guys have a chance to play with the news apps on an Ipad, I think this is how e-textboooks should be made.

    On news apps for the Ipad you just tap on what interests you and it opens in a new page for you to read. If there are videos you tap on the video to fill the screen and watch the video.
    If there's an article you want to share you use facebook/twitter/email to share it. And all of this is done with a few taps on the screen.

    Right now most of our text books that have electronic versions are PDF. But even as PDF copies you can store plenty of books on a mobile device.

    I think students will read their textbooks more if they are interactive.

    Publishers actually tried this in the 90's but failed because then the interactive material came in separate CD-roms, which require you to put the disc inside a computer then click on what you want. It was work trying to get to the interactive material. I'm almost sure you can find some of this CD-roms with our textbooks

    With touch technology all these things can be done from an iTouch/Iphone/Ipad.

    The Google Reader app for the ipad is amazing since your subscriptions are in folders if you want. You use your fingers to open your subscriptions. and use your fingers to scroll through the pages.

    There is a free Itouch/Iphone app called Iseismic that measures vibrations on all three axes which the kids find really interesting since my room is on the second floor and it will detect floor vibrations when students are moving around.

    There are also free apps for vocabulary building available to prepare students for the SAT.

    "The Elements" is an interactive version of the book with the same title. Chemistry kids love this app.

    Some of my students have wolframalpha on their Itouch/Iphones too. I have the app on my Ipad and Iphone also.

  4. Apps are a great way of learning and having fun at the same time in class on a wireless device.It helps them learn more on a device they are used to using as a toy.Some Apps i reviwed are read me stories and alphabet tracing,and they are good apps for children to learn from.

  5. I hope the district is planning on buying us all iPads!